"...and He Himself gave some to be ...pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints..."  (Ephesians 4:11,12 NKJV)

How can we coach you?

What we do...

Leader Training, Audio, Video, & Print Resources & More
From FREE video training to on-site conferences, consultations and coaching-
from printed booklets to CD/DVD sets.
  1. Training
    We are available to provide specific training for your Sunday School or Home Group leaders from a single session to a full week-end event or more.
  2. Print Material
    Simple, concise, practical, and developed from years of being used in real Sunday School and Home Group ministry.
  3. Audio & Video
    Training materials developed for and used in the local church setting. Audio CD sets and video DVD sets are available most accompanied with leader key and handouts-all are formatted to allow you to edit and print.
  4. Encouragement
    Discovering a weakness and strengthening it and discovering a strength and building on it are two powerful tools to make a dynamic difference in your Small Group ministry.
  5. Consults / Coaching
    Some churches need a personal consult for general or specific areas of their Sunday School or Home Group ministry. Let us know your needs. Others might need some longer term coaching help.
  6. Space Walks
    If you are having space problems or not utilizing your current space to its maximum, we would be happy to take a look and make suggestions.


Sunday School/Small Group Trainers was developed with the idea of bringing the most skilled and gifted age-graded leaders together to provide custom designed training for any size church. All these practitioners have served local churches and are available to share their experience with your Sunday School and/or Small Group leaders.

Allow us to put together a team for you, we will explore your needs and assemble the best team possible to meet those needs. Nothing would please me more than to work with you and your small group leaders.

I’ve involved in Christian Education since 1984, written numerous articles and training pieces related to Sunday School and Home Group ministries, some of which have been published in books, magazines, and on-line.

God has allowed me to lead the Christian Education ministries for churches in Kentucky, Washington, and Alabama.

Dwight Moss
Trainer for General Leaders, Adult Leaders, and Home Group Leaders

Coaching and Consultations
​I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to lead workshops and conferences for churches, state conventions, and other organizations in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and Montana, in addition to groups in Ukraine, India, Nepal, and Honduras.

I’ve had the privilege to lead LifeWay core conference for Sunday School directors numerous times at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina, Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin and Glorietta Conference Center at Glorietta, New Mexico. I’ve been on two training tours with LifeWay in Mississippi and the Pacific Northwest as a Ministry Multiplier.

Consultations and Coaching

If you’d like to discuss bringing me to your location, you can contact me via email at [email protected] or click the link at the end of this page. We can begin a conversation about creating an event or series of events for your leaders. If you need age-graded leaders for a full age-graded event, I can take care of enlisting those leaders for you, too.

Training isn’t an expense – it’s an investment in the future.
Your people are your greatest asset. You’ll never go wrong investing in training for your leaders.  Because workshops can include a large number of people, the costs associated with travel and honorarium make on-site training an affordable per-person investment.

Consider partnering with other churches or groups in your area to make training even more affordable. You might host a conference and invite other churches to participate, charging participants a small fee. Chances are, you’ll recover most, if not all, of your costs. Plus a small participants’ fee creates greater buy-in on the part of churches and individuals.
Typical costs associated with a training event-
·        Mileage or airfare
·        Meals while traveling
·        Hotel accommodations
·        Fees based on services and size of church

Your church might benefit from someone from the outside coming in to provide an assessment of your education ministry and guide you in avoiding some pitfalls through a short consultation.
If you need bigger picture assistance or longer-term help, a coaching relationship may be the better way to go.
You may need an interim minister of education during a staff vacancy; I can provide you with that transitional leadership.
"'Thank you!' for a great conference Sunday evening. I’ve received numerous texts and comments from Sunday School leaders expressing how much they enjoyed your presentation and appreciated the content. You hit a home run, my friend!"  Dr. John Johnston, Minister of Education/Administration, First Baptist Church, Prattville, AL
“You want to talk about a man who has been true to his calling...Dwight has been and still is. I would put Dwight near the top of all the Christian educators I have known....side by side with Allan Taylor.” Todd Panter, NAMB Church Strengthener
​​“I consider it a great compliment to side beside Dwight Moss! I totally agree with your thoughts on this great Christian educator.” Allan Taylor, Director, Church Education Ministry at LifeWay Christian Resources & Former Minister of Education at First Baptist Church Woodstock, Ga.

"Dwight has served extremely effectively as a minister of education. He has a strong commitment to the fundamentals, building strong Sunday Schools, and especially in training and equipping leaders. He also has a background of serving as a Sunday School Director before he entered the ministry. He has led lots of conferences for LifeWay over the years.”  Wayne Poling, pastor of administration and education Highland Baptist Church, Redmond, Oregon  & former Lead Speicalist for LifeWay Church Resources

​​FREE  Video Training

Class Management/Administration

-Open Enrollment or Closed Enrollment
-Enlistment Process    
-A Simple Way to Run People Off  
-Using Name Tags  
  Listed below is a 10 part series, "Top Ten Lessons Every Sunday School
  Leader Should Learn."  ​
​​ Teaching

-Engaging Class Members in the Lesson  
-Using Variety in Teaching
- Start Lesson Preparation Early  

-Why Jesus Taught                       
-Linking Lessons                          

-Put the Cookies on the Bottom Shelf
Number 10- Learn to Say, “I'm Sorry!”
​​  Shepherding

-Class Missionaries

-Being the Shepherd of Your Flock               
Number 9- Be Flexible and Never Stop Learning
To watch the rest of this series and the remaining videos, please simply click the title.
​​ Using Questions in Teachng
  -Why Use Questions
-Teaching with Questions

-When Questions Do Not Work

-How Questions Reinforce Last Week’s Sermon
​​ Personal Growth
-Personal Prayer Time          
​​I had the great honor and privilege to train some Sunday School directors and other general leaders in Ohio for their state convention in 2007.  The links provided here can take you to those training sessions. (Please pardon the video quality.)

   -Developing Your Vision for Sunday School               

   -Recruiting and Developing Next Level Leaders
Print Resources
All of the print pieces have been developed for the purpose of meeting a specific need in the local church. 
Everything You Wanted to Know About
...well, almost everything.
The "Sunday School Training Manual for Today's Churches" is a 35 page booklet which gives the basis for a Sunday School ministy. It also includes responsibilities for six leadership roles in an adult Sunday School class.
Cost.....................................$5.00 each  plus $2.00 shipping 

An over 50 page binder giving insight to how a Home Group ministry was established and maintained.  It includes purpose, leader and administrative responsibilities, shepherding and growing your group, plus much more.
Cost.........................$25.00 each plus $4.00 shipping
The "Care Group Leader's Handbook" shares the need for Care Groups within a Sunday School class, how to organize an effective Care Group, the responsibilities of a Care Group leader and several other practical resources.
Cost..........................$5.00 each plus $2.00 shipping
The "Outreach Leader's Handbook"  takes a concise look at the topic of outreach in an adult Sunday School class and the outreach leader.
It includes a couple of other resources you might find helpful.
Cost.............................$3.00 each plus $2.00 shipping
Audio & Video Resources

All of the audio and video resources were recorded live in a local church setting. Most of the sets contain a data disc which includes the teaching key and the handout, both which are reproduceable, plus the PowerPoint    presentation.
Getting a Correct Start Out of the Block
for 21st Century Sunday School Leaders
Flip This Sunday School
Just as a race can be won or lost in how a runner gets out of the starting blocks, a Sunday School leader can set the pattern for a lifetime with either good habits or bad ones.   It is imperative that he starts right in order to be the best leader he can be.
These four lessons on DVD were taught by Dwight Moss to his Sunday School leaders at the first Sunday School Summit at Decatur Baptist Church where Dwight serves as Christian Education Pastor.
The *lessons include:
-What is Sunday School?  (DVD 1)
-“Whatever It Takes” versus “Whatever”   (DVD 2)
-The Three-fold Purpose of Sunday School  (DVD 3)
-Church Planting -Right Here at Home  (DVD 4)
 -A Charge and Challenge-Senior Pastor Doug Ripley (CD)

Cost................................................... $20 plus $4 shipping
In house “flipping,” some houses need only some paint and light repairs while others need a complete renovation down to the foundation.  Sunday School is much like that; some Sunday School classes need only to be reminded of the basics while others must start from the beginning and change most everything they do.  Flip This Sunday School is a series of looking at the basics in a fresh way. 
The CD *lessons include:
-Sunday School Is…  (CD 1)
-Reconstruction Plans (Purpose & Direction) (CD 2)
-Periodic Building Inspection (A test to discover what        

                                                      needs to be done) (CD 3)
-Tools for Sunday School Flipping (Care Groups) (CD 4)
-More Tools for SS Flipping (Fellowships) (CD 5)
-Demolition Sites (Dealing with SS Myths) (CD 6)
Cost...................................................... $20 plus $4 shipping
 Biblical Principles for Growing
the Local Church
through the Sunday School
 New and Potential
Leader Training
New leaders as well as up and coming leaders need to know what is expected of them.  They need a standard by which to prepare and minister.  While every church will have different expectations for teachers and other leaders there is a basic standard by which to measure.  If you don’t already have standards set for your leaders, these lessons should help you move in that direction.
The *lessons include:
-What is Sunday School?  (CD 1)
-‘Whatever’ versus ‘Whatever It Takes’  (CD 2)
-A Sunday School Purpose Statement  (CD 3)
-Where Are you Going?  How Are You Going to Get There?  (CD 4)
-Adult sessions of:   (CD 5)
     -Teacher responsibilities
     -Seven Point Tune-up
     -Space Stewards
     -Sunday School Training manual
     -Pass It On!
     -Force Multiplier  (CD6)
Cost..........................................................$25 plus $4 shipping
For Sunday School leaders, basic principles are critical to get started off right and to stay on course. Arthur Flake set forth these principles in the early 20th Century and they work as well today as they did for our grandfathers!
The *lessons on CD  include:
-Know the Possibilities  (CD 1)
-Enlarge the Organization  (CD 2)
-Enlist and Train the Leaders  (CD 3)
-Provide Space and Equipment  (CD 4)
-Go after the People (CD 5)

Cost........................................................$20 plus $4 shipping

*As a bonus, these sets include a data CD which includes the PowerPoint ® presentation, teacher’s key, and re-printable handout for each lesson.

                                                                        A number of years ago, my friend, Josh Hunt​​ posted some audio files to an audio blog linked here                                                                                                                                                        http://dwightmoss.blogspot.com/.   I hope the information is helpful.​​

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